Inspiring the aspirational consumers

India is changing - There is a growing demand for products in the sports performance & athleisure market

A young

disposable income


Growing interest in
sports and fitness

We firmly believe that there are lot of opportunities to create brands with different price positioning and different consumer propositions

Agilitas invests in the Indian consumer side

At Agilitas we are investing in the Indian consumer side with a mix of own and global brands with long term partnerships.

The brands would complement each other and have a different definitive positioning, price-tiering and differentiative brand narrative.

Creating the brands

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Global brands who want to operate in India

We create the Indian journey for the global brands by partnering and operating for the brands in India. Brands that need India centric supply chain and operations for form and functionality.

Are you the brand for India?

For both acquisition and partnering, we are looking at brands that today have a great heritage value.
Comprehensive License - Design, Product Creation, Manufacturing, Distribution & Retail

Brand Recall | Great Designs | Exclusivity of the License | Long Term Period