Comprehensively building the entire value chain from manufacturing to retail

We are building an Indian sportswear company poised to take on the globe

There is a strong correlation between economic development in a country, and growth in its sports and fitness culture.

We are creating an insight led, consumer-centric, vertically integrated, agile sportswear company.

We're enhancing manufacturing technologies with strong R&D and design labs, while investing in customer-focussed brands



Our Businesses

Mochiko is the largest sports footwear manufacturer in India that is BIS approved. We will invest further in technology, capacity building and enhance the quality of products.

Launching Lotto
Long term exclusive license for India, South Asia and Australia

Creation in progress

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Our starting point

Manufacturing in sports footwear in India is very nascent and is bound to change. Given the opportunity to create India-based manufacturing, we started by acquiring India’s largest sports footwear manufacturer catering to the domestic market- Mochiko.

Moving towards the consumer side

To cater to the needs and desires of the aspiring Indian consumers, we are investing in the consumer side. We do this by either acquiring or partnering with brands that today have heritage value, with a different definitive price positioning, very differentiative brand narrative and different value proposition.